Blown In Insulation

20Is your home too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer?

 One of the most common, affordable, and fastest ways to create a more energy efficient environment in your home is by installing blown-in insulation.  Cellulose insulation or Blown-In-Insulation is safe, green, and effective. It is a recycled product that benefits our environment. Cellulose has one of the highest R-values for energy efficiency as well as having permanent and proven fire resistance for added safety.

 Our cellulose or Blown-In-Insulation (R-3.4 per inch dense packed in walls, R-3.8 per inch open blown in attics) is treated with only boric acid and has passed all fire code requirements.

 This green-friendly alternative to injection foam is made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint and can be sprayed, blown, or fastened in place. It proves to offer a thermally efficient solution that’s easy on the wallet – and on the environment.

 With Over 10 Years Experience, all of our equipment are state of the art and are prepared for you. We take great pride in our professionalism and integrity, and customer service is our top priority.

 It fills gaps and voids and creates a seamless thermal blanket that reduces air infiltration and provides superior sound control. A no-itch material.

  • Blown into attics or sidewalls
  • Covers 40 sq. ft. per bag
  • Can be applied over any existing insulation
  • Fills gaps and voids, creating a seamless thermal blanket of protection
  • Fire-resistant
  • Formaldehyde-free and made from 85% recycled material
  • Reduces noise
  • Energy Star compliant

 All of our products are designed to keep your home insulated to the highest standards, and willeliminate termites and other insects, not to mention itis nonflammable.

Our team will install the blown in insulation in areas between your building frames to fill up the empty gaps. This will slow down energy transfer and prevent air from leaking. Air leaks account for up to 20 percent of the loss of heat from a furnace, so preventing leaks will help you save on expensive energy. And as a bonus, your home will be much more comfortable all year round.

 Why “Local Insulation Pros“?

  • Experience with all types of blown insulation
  • Meticulous air-sealing prep work
  • Free estimate and fast installation
  • Fully trained and certified installers

 We proudly offer a home energy audit to properly evaluate what areas in your home are the sources of your comfort or energy problems. Once identified, we will provide the best solutions.

 It’s time to stop wasting money and energy. With cellulose insulation from “Local Insulation Pros“, sky-high heating and cooling bills can become a part of the past.To learn more about our products and services,contact us today at (480) 435-9731